Lisa Jewell (1968- )

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Lisa Jewell was born on 19th July 1968 in Middlesex Hospital in London's West End. She has two younger sisters, Sacha and Tanya. She was brought up in a strange part of North London called Totteridge, known to some as the Beverly Hills of London. At primary school in Oakleigh Park, she was found to be gifted only in creative writing and was once accused of cheating by a teacher who didn't believe that a poem she'd read in class could possibly have been written by her. She then went to St Michael's Convent Grammar School for Girls in North Finchley, where she was made to wear a purple uniform. She left St Michael's with a frankly, quite miraculous, 6 O Levels and went off to study art and design at Barnet College for two years. Here she discovered hair dye and the fact that she couldn't draw. In spite of this she went on to Epsom School of Art and Design to study Fashion Illustration and Promotion and two years later left education to battle her way through the cutthroat, bitchy and unbelievably silly world of fashion for five years. It was quite a relief to be made redundant in 1993 and Lisa made every attempt to break into another industry, but after five years in fashion, nobody else wanted her. Ten soul-destroying, rejection-ridden months later, her redundancy money ran out and she was forced to take a job as a receptionist. Unlikely as it sounds, this was to prove a turning point in her life. After eight long months of saying 'Good Morning, Thomas Pink' nine hundred and fifty five times a day, Lisa decided that her creative juices were drying up in a most worrying fashion, and embarked upon evening classes in Creative Writing at her local Adult Education College. Suddenly she was possessed. She became the class swot, the only student to do her homework every week, the first person to stick their hand up when teacher asked who wanted to read. After fifteen years of distractions and diversion, Lisa rediscovered her first love and her only talent – writing. The rest is history. Lisa now lives in West Hampstead with her husband and their handsome but very stupid cat and writes books for a living.
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