Enid Blyton (1897-1968)

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Enid Blyton was born at East Dulwich, South London on 11th August, 1897. She was the eldest, followed by two brothers Hanley and Carey. She grew up in Beckenham, Kent with her family. She won a children's poetry competition when she was fourteen years old and began submitting articles, stories and poems to various magazines. Inspite of being a talented pianist, she gave up her musical studies and trained as a teacher so that she could support herself while she continued writing in her spare time. She taught for five years at Bickley and Surbiton. She decided to become a children's author because she was enjoying her work with them. Her first book 'Child whispers' was published in 1922. In 1924 Enid Blyton married Hugh Pollock, the editor of the book departments of George Newnes. They soon moved a new house on Shortlands road, Buckingham which she named "Elfin Cottage'. In 1929 she along with Hugh Pollock moved to "Old Thatch" a sixteenth-century cottage by the river Thames. In 1931, she gave birth to her first daughter Gillian and in 1935, her second daughter Imogen was born. The relationship between her and Hugh Pollock began to deteriorate and finally in 1942 they agreed to a divorce. The next year she married a middle-aged surgeon named Dr. Kenneth Darrel Waters. She lived happily with Darrel Waters at Green Hedges. Her husband passed away in 1967. Enid Blyton died in her sleep on November 28, 1968 at a Hampstead nursing home. 


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