Amanda Brown (?- )

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Amanda Brown was born in Arizona. Amanda Brown was no stranger to the law when she wrote the manuscript for Legally Blonde. Her father is the late Jack Brown who founded the Phoenix law firm Brown & Bain. Her mother was a member of the second Harvard Law College class to admit women to their ranks. After graduating from ASU in 1993, Amanda started her legal education at Stanford Law School. Letters to family and friends detailing funny experiences at law school became the heart of a manuscript she was to write while in law school. After many rejections, Amanda' manuscript found its way to someone who saw potential in it as a movie. A bidding war for movie rights ensued, and the movie Legally Blonde, staring Reece Witherspoon, was released in 2001 to rave reviews. As of 2003, Amanda was living in San Francisco with her husband, and her daughter Alexandra, who was born a month after the last and successful submission of Amanda's manuscript. Amanda has since completed her second novel, Family Trust, which has also been optioned as a movie.
Family Trust