Eoin Colfer (1965- )

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Eoin was born on May 14th 1965 in Wexford, a picturesque coastal town in the southeast corner of Ireland. Eoin first developed his interest in writing when he was attending primary school and began his life long habit of writing his own stories complete with illustrations. Following his final exams Eoin followed in the steps of his father and trained to be a teacher at Carysfort College in Dublin. Returning to Wexford he began teaching in a local primary school by day but continuing to write at night. Eoin rapidly became involved in the local amateur drama group starring in, directing and later writing many award winning productions.  In 1991 Eoin married Jackie and a year later they left Ireland and spent the next four years working in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy. Resettling in Wexford on their arrival back in Ireland Eoin and Jackie recommenced their teaching careers, with Eoin continuing his habit of writing after school.  Following the success of Artemis Fowl, Eoin decided give up teaching, concentrating full time on writing.


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