Marcia Willett (?- )

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Marcia Willett was born in Somerset and lives in deepest Devon with her husband and their large dog. A former ballet dancer and teacher, Marcia began her career as a novelist when she was fifty years old. Until then she had been an avid reader and had never considered writing. When her writer husband, Rodney, suggested that she should—she laughed and dismissed the whole thing out of hand. However, after months of nagging she agreed, for the sake of peace and quiet, to see what she could do. Eventually, she handed Rodney the manuscript of her first novel and said, ‘Right, I’ve written it—now you sell it’. So he did. Most of the books are written under her own name, four under the pseudonym ‘Willa Marsh.’

Chadwick Family Chronicles

  Looking Forward

  Holding on

  Winning Through


Those Who Serve

Thea's Parrot

The Courtyard

The Dipper

Hattie's Mill

Starting Over

Second Time Around

A Week in Winter

Forgotten Laughter

A Summer in the Country

The Children's Hour

The Birdcage

Golden Cup