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Title: Love Lives
Author: Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees
Lost Soul's Point is the tourist trail name for the highest part of the wild and windswept cliffs overlooking the south coast seaside resort of Shoresby. In 1871, following the suicide of his daughter here, Alexander Walpole locked himself inside his nearby family home of Appleforth House and burnt it to the ground. It's here that the hopes and fears of four very different people converge today... Ned is the architect restoring Appleforth House brick by brick, but who can't see his way clear to mending his own broken heart. Ellen is a film-maker shooting a documentary about other people's suffering. She doesn't expect to find herself examining her own happiness. Jimmy is growing up the hard way, learning to cope with unrequited love and with the memory of a tragic death. Seventeen-year-old Verity is an incurable romantic, intent on falling head over heels for the first time but unaware of how hard she might get tripped up in the process... Loves Lives tells the story of how these four people meet and what happens when they do. It's about falling in love, growing up, overcoming tragedy and, above all, learning to love life and live it to the full...