The Book of Shadows

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Title: The Book of Shadows
Author: Cate Tiernan
Seventeen-year-old Morgan makes a surprising discovery: witchcraft is an intrinsic part of who she is--and who she will become!
Morgan is just an average girl, going to school, hanging out with her best buddy Bree and trying not to bicker with her little sister Mary K. All that changes when Cal Blaire, super-hottie, moves to town. Cal transfers in as a senior, and his presence grabs hold of every girl in school --- and it isn't just because he's a tall, arty blond. Cal has something otherworldly about him, and it pulls Morgan towards him too. Then Cal invites a group of kids to study Wicca with him and eventually form a coven. What will happen to old friendships and rivalries? Who will get to be Cal's girlfriend? And why is Morgan suddenly having strangely prophetic visions?