Jasper Fforde (1961- )

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Jasper Fforde was born in London in 1961. Working as an odd-job man in 1981, he was painting and decorating at a producer's home when he mentioned his desire to break into the film industry. The producer gave him work making beverages and photocopying while a movie of 'The Pirates of Penzance' was being filmed. Jasper Fforde became a focus puller and cameraman. He spent ten years writing purely for his own pleasure whilst working at various jobs in the film industry. With the publication of The Eyre Affair he has given up the film industry and now writes full time. When not engaged in writing, Jasper Fforde loves to fly his 1937 DeHavilland biplane over the hills of Wales (or the Socialist Republic of Wales as it is known in his books), where he lives. Mr. Fforde also likes to spend time with his family - or reading a good book. 
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