Gillian Cross (1945- )

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Gillian Cross was born in London, just after the Second World War, and has one brother and one sister. She grew up in a house with two cats and a big garden and learnt to read when she was about five. After she left school, she went off to be a volunteer for nine months, before she went to university. At university in Oxford, she met and married her husband Martin and in due course they had four children. While her first two children were young, Gillian Cross had several part-time jobs, including working for a village baker and being assistant to an MP. Mostly, though, she was looking after the children and trying to write. Finally, in 1974, she finished a book, but it took another five years to get anything published. Her first books came out in 1979 and since then she’s had at least one book published every year. When she’s not writing, she likes playing the piano and orienteering.


Beware of the Demon Headmaster
Beware Olga
Born of the Sun
Calling a Dead Man
The Crazy Shoe Shuffle
The Dark Behind The Curtain
The Demon Headmaster
The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
The Demon Headmaster Takes Over
Down with the Dirty Danes!
Facing The Demon Headmaster
The Furry Maccaloo
Gobbo the Great
The Goose Girl
The Great Elephant Chase
The Iron Way
A Map of Nowhere
The Mintyglo Kid
The Monster from
New World
On the Edge
Pictures in the Dark
Posh Watson
The Prime Minister's Brain
Rescuing Gloria
The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster
Revolt at Ratcliffe's Rags
The Roman Beanfeast
Roscoe's Leap
The Runaway
Save Our School
The Treasure in the Mud
The Tree House
Twin and Super-Twin
What Will Emily Do?
A Whisper of Lace


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