Anne Fine (1947- )

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Anne was born in the Midlands and was sent to school two years early, because her mother had triplets! As Anne went to school so young she could read from a very early age. She went on to study history and politics at university and then had various jobs including teaching at a secondary school, working as a secretary and a job for Oxfam as an information officer. Anne wrote her first book when her eldest daughter was a baby. She was trapped in her freezing flat by a snowstorm and was unable to get to the library to get a book to read so she started to write to cheer and warm herself up. Anne has now written over twenty-five books, for all ages, even adult. She says that the books she writes for readers of ten and up take her around a year to write and her novels for adults take around two years to write. She doesn't use a word processor (she says she's too quick tempered) and still works as she always has: in absolute silence, hiding her work with her arms from anyone who comes in the room. Anne writes with a 2B pencil and rubs out constantly. She has a special sharpener that catches the droppings for use on trains, but can do nothing about the manky bits of rubber getting all over the trays and tables! Anne now lives in a stone house by the side of a river in a tiny town in County Durham. She has two daughters, two cats and a golden retriever dog.



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