L Frank Baum (1856-1919)

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Lyman Frank Baum was born in Chittenango, New York. His father was the oil magnate Benjamin Ward Baum and mother Cynthia (Stanton) Baum, a women's rights activist. Baum grew up with his seven brothers and sisters on a large estate just north of Syracuse. Until the age of twelve, Baum was privately tutored at home. In the late 1860s he spent two years at Peekskill Military Academy, where he learned to loathe the rigid discipline. In 1873 Baum became a reporter on the New York World. Two years later he founded the New Era weekly in Pennsylvania. Baum's father owned a string of theatres and Baum left journalism to become an actor. While acting, he met Maud Gage, of Fayetteville, New York, his first and only love, whom he married on 9 November 1882.  They had four sons. Baum returned in 1883 to Syracuse to the family oil business and worked as a salesman in Baum's Ever-Ready Castorine axle grease. After running a bazaar and newspaper in Aberdeen, South Dakota, he moved to Chicago and became a salesman.
Baum made his debut as a novelist with Mother Goose in Prose (1897). It was based on stories told to his own children. Over the next 19 years Baum produced 62 books, most of them for children. After much health difficulty, during which he stopped writing only at its most severe, he died of a stroke on May 6, 1919, in Hollywood, where he had moved to a house he called Ozcot.


 A Kidnapped Santa Claus
American Fairy Tales
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
Glinda of Oz
Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Mary Louise
Mother Goose in Prose
Ozma of Oz
Rinkitink in Oz
Sky Island
The Emerald City of Oz
The Enchanted Island of Yew
The Lost Princess of Oz
The Magic of Oz
The Marvelous Land of Oz
The Master Key
The Patchwork Girl of Oz
The Road to Oz
The Scarecrow of Oz
The Sea Fairies
The Tin Woodman of Oz
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Tik Tok of Oz

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