Terry Pratchett (1948- )

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Terry Pratchett was born on 28 April 1948 Beaconsfield, Bucks. Major source of education: Beaconsfield Public Library (though school must have been of some little help). After passing his 11-plus in 1959, he attended High Wycombe Technical High School rather than the local grammar because he felt 'woodwork would be more fun than Latin'. At this time he had no real vision of what he wanted to do with his life, and remembers himself as a 'nondescript student'. Having got five O-levels and started A-level courses in Art, History and English, he decided after the first year to try journalism, and when a job opportunity came up on the Bucks Free Press, he talked things over with his parents, and left school in 1965. While with the Press he still read avidly, took the National Council for the Training of Journalists proficiency class and also passed an A level in English while on day release. He left the Bucks Free Press and started work for the Western Daily Press on 28 September 1970, he returned to the Press in 1972 as a sub-editor, and on 3 September 1973 joined the Bath Chronicle. In 1980 Terry was appointed publicity officer for the Central Electricity Generating Board (now PowerGen) with responsibility for three nuclear power stations ('What leak? -- Oh, that leak'), where he was working when we published the first of the Discworld novels, The Colour of Magic, in 1983. In September 1987 Terry decided that he could afford to devote himself to full-time writing, rather than merely doing so in his spare time after work: he thought he might suffer a drop in income for a while but that it would pick up in due course - and anyway, he enjoyed it more than fielding questions from the Press about malfunctioning nuclear reactors, so he resigned his position with the CEGB. When he took up his position with the Western Daily Press in 1970 he moved, with wife Lyn (whom he had married in 1968), to a cottage in Rowberrow in Somerset where their daughter Rhianna was born. When he found he could not enlarge the cottage further, the family moved in 1993 to what he has described as 'a Domesday manorette' south west of Salisbury.


The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Equal Rites
Wyrd Sisters
Guards! Guards!
Moving Pictures
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies
Men At Arms
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Feet of Clay

The Last
Carpe Jugulum
The Fifth Elephant
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Good Omens
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The Dark Side of the Sun
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The Bromeliad Trilogy


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