Noel Streatfeild (1895-1986)

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Noel Streatfeild was born in Amberley, Sussex, the second daughter of a clergyman. Her older sister was pretty and delicate, her younger sister clever and beautiful - Noel saw herself as the plain one and made her mark by being quite rebellious. She always shone in the plays she and her sisters put on for her father’s parish causes. She worked in a munitions factory during World War I and after the war went off to train as an actress. Her ten years on the stage were not very successful but they gave her valuable knowledge of theatre life to use later in her books. She wrote 58 books for children. In her best books the reader has the experience of living intensely with the child characters, understanding exactly how they feel about things, and why – perhaps this is why her books still seem alive to young readers 50 years after they were written.


Traveling Shoes (originally Apple Bough)
Circus Shoes (originally The Circus is Coming)
Dancing Shoes (originally Wintle's Wonders)
Skating Shoes (originally White Boots)
Movie Shoes (was The Painted Garden)
New Shoes (was New Shoes)
Family Shoes (started out as The Bell Family or The Story of the Bell Family)
Theater Shoes (Curtain Up, or Other People's Shoes)
Tennis Shoes
Ballet Shoes
Gemma and Sisters
Gemma in Love
Gemma Alone
Party Shoes or Party Frock: but not a "shoes" book
Thursday's Child
Far to Go
When the Sirens Wailed
The Children on the Top Floor
The Magic Summer or The Growing Summer
The Family at Caldicott Place
The Children of Primrose Lane
The Children's Matinee
Ballet Shoes for Anna
Boy Pharoh Tuthenkamon
The Maitlands
Mothering Sunday
Lisa goes to Russia
First Book of Ballet
First Book of Opera
First Book of London
Queen Victoria
The Theater Cat